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Originally Posted by Smiling Spectre View Post

Not exactly. Bug with tags consist of auto-replacing all tags when someone edits Mother (i.e. English) node.

And it would be actually good if not fact that tags index database is destroyed, and any connected game receives semi-random tags in such case.

I tried several years to reconstruct tags. In vain. It seems, broken part is inaccessible from the translator side, and there is no auto-fix solution.

But you totally can edit your tags manually. And while no one edit English game, all connected tags remains the same.
Thanks for the clarification. By the way, could you solve an old question of mine? I discover that the links of the translated Reviews have slight differences.

I will explain better:

Let’s take today’s problematic Screenshot as an example: Castle.html Castle.html

You notice that in the original English version, the game number is 24645. In the German version, the number is 31486 while in the Spanish version it is 27262.

In the past, I thought that such a number would be in Arithmetic Progression, in which as the game is added to the Abandonia Library, as well as the User Number (my User Number 27490). So, I imagined that the Number of the game was the same regardless of the chosen Language.

Another hypothesis would be that such game number would be in Arithmetic Progression as the game would be added (via Translation) to the Library of the respective Language.

Would you know how to clarify this for me?
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