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Default [Amayirot Akago] Cold Blooded

I am looking for a game I had on a PC PowerPlay/PC User or similar magazine demo disc from the 90’s. It wasn’t a playable demo, but a short advertisement video to promote the game. The main character was blue/purple I think with a helmet and I’m almost certain the end punch line was “cold blooded”. I have searched and found that a game called Cold Blooded exists, but it isn’t that. I also think the main character narrating it was smoking.

The game was available or advertised in the 90’s. From previous investigations of similar games I had on these dics, it was around 1994.

PC specs: around Pentuim 1,2,3 era.
OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, DOS
Graphics: colour cartoon videos then the gameplay was top down shooter from what I can remember.
Music: CD type audio
Speech: In videos yes, gameplay, not sure.
Game perspective: Top down

All help greatly appreciated.
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