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Originally Posted by Smello View Post
Ooops.... yep I did. I didn't notice that all my stats dropped. Is there anything that can be done or do I need to completely rebuild my characters?
No need to worry. Levels are more important than stats. You'll be surprised how effective characters with 3 in all stats can be. The number of attacks per round you get and casting level depend only on levels, not on stats.

How to get your stats up again fast:

Might and Endurance: There are two altars in the caverns below Swamptown, one raises might by 20 and the other raises endurance by 25 each time you visit it with less than 50 in this stat
Accuracy: There's a trainer northeast of Baywatch who will raise it up to 25 for 1,000 gold per point
Int, Per, Luck, Acc: Give gems to the guy in the spider cave so he refreshes the stat boosting crystals

If you have a druid with lowered stats in your party you can donate gems three times at a shrine in the forest near Fountain Head to raise all stats lower than 25 by 10 each time. A druid is perfect for this, you can get 80 levels for sitting on all 4 thrones and get the stats up again afterwards.

Keep in mind that stat benefits increase more slowly when the stats get high, there's from 3-21 you get an an improvement every 2 points while there's no difference between 50-74 and that 21-50 to get most benefits can be easily reached which stat boosting items even if you have natural 3.
There are also locations where you can raise stats temporarily, there's a well somewhere on a snow covered island which raises all stats by 100 for a day and you can raise luck to the maximum temporarily by throwing coins into the Baywatch fountain for example.
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