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Honestly, I think Civ5 is a big disappointment. The AI and diplomacy are horrible. And it's very prone to crashing. Multiplayer is the biggest disappointment, though. Basically, it's a stripped down version of single-player, with no leaderheads or unit animations. Combat is a huge improvement but since the AI is so bad, it doesn't feel fair. I've played two games so far and have been able to take over entire continents with a total of 4 or 5 units. Especially easy since the AI is so willing to give you all of its cities for a peace treaty. I have lots of minor aesthetic complaints and interface complaints as well. You don't get a real sense of progress or where you stand in comparison to other civs. The music isn't as good as Civ4. I swear they play the same song over and over no matter what era you're in. I think I still prefer Civ4. I suggest trying the demo before you buy.
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