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Default review adventure games

Please make a long review about the rise and fall of adventure games - anything from the less popular ones to sierra hits like space/kings quest and how it started declining once people saw more 3d graphics such as that in the journeyman project. Its as if people then no longer wanted to have good stories, but instead preferred to run around with a gun in some 3d world instead with graphics becoming main focus. Or maybe that wasn't the real reason for its decline. Maybe the whole thing has nothing to do with adventure games specifically as everything started transitioning to 3d anyway, yet somehow adventure titles suffered the worst? why? Is it due to larry or something that a the whole genre became a target to be stomped due to the adult content?

At any rate, the adventure genre need some kind of tribute and review to show the new generation their worth. The only good adventure games you find these days are the old ones and people still enjoy the quest games or funny monkey island etc. If adventure games was such a big curse on this world then why would people still waste their time giving tribute it - there's orchestra's, pianists, guitarists etc. playing for instance the music of monkey island. Must have had 'some' value?

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