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Default If you don't like what you got...

Or so the song goes. I fixed this which has been bugging me for a while. It seems the "select language" thing is a variable text string that is assigned to a pixel position over the balloon for the nerd guy. The reason it looks chopped off in my previous post is because my screen is too large for the dimensional design of this site. Basically, the site was created with absolute pixel coordinates vs. percentage positioning and the appropriate use of float, absolute or relative, depending on the desired result. See the attached for the fixed look. Oh, I fixed the ad placement too. Oh, and I fixed a lot of other stuff too. There is also another screenshot here of the file 'size' overlap thing that has haunted me since day one. The screenshot shows the broken image, but that is fixed as well.

GTX2GvO, I'll try to send you two PMs. One containing a list of notes (boring) and the other containing the dark style code. There is still a lot to do and the code is sloppy and messy, but what I have done works for me. It may vary for other users. Especially, I imagine, the Mac users

More later, I'm sure. I really would like to finish this at some point and have people "test drive" it... or not.



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