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Default Freak Show - Issues with QuickTime 1.1.1

Hi guys,

So I spent the entire day learning how to work DOSBox and I've ALMOST got the game working (it's called Freak Show) but I've run into a problem.

This is a game that's being run on Windows 3.1. I have the game saved as an .iso file and I have it imgmounted to the E: drive. A folder with all the Windows 3.1 files is mounted as the C: drive.

Basically, I have the game "installed" on DOSBox, and the setup.exe file for the game itself also installs QuickTime 1.1.1 for Windows. Now, the problem here is that, when running setup for the game, it says I already have QuickTime installed. However, when I click the icon to play the installed game, it tells me that I still need QuickTime, and that I should refer to the game's Read Me for instructions. Looking at the Read Me, there aren't really instructions for installation, but it talks about a file called QTW.INI that you can edit for compatibility's sake.

This is what QTW.INI says.


And this is what I copypasted from the Read Me.


So I'm assuming something has to be done with this file. I've messed around with the file a bit but to no avail. I've tried changing Optimizing=hardware to driver, as well as adding all the extra information and putting the recommended default values in the integer fields.

Anyway, if you have any experience with QuickTime in situations like these, I would greatly appreciate the help!
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