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Talking Long Rant?

Originally Posted by Zirkoni
Sorry for the long rant.
Long rant? LOL, I've posted things longer than that from a docile comment on Star ratings. Then again, I space mine out, so perhaps my 3/4ths page is the same as your 1/5th when spaced appropriately? Perhaps, but still, I think mine are a bit longer.

Anyway, I wrote a whole review on a game compilation once just because I hated it so much. The whole thing is so full of sarcasm it's ridiculous. I can post it here if you want to share rants! Which I doubt.

Anyway, I just use StaaViinsZ for everything I do on the internet, practically. Other than that I have other nicks. I don't know how creating a Google+ account would've caused the Youtube channel to weird out, though. You should E-mail Google's Tech Support since it's such a serious problem.
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