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Angry WTF Google? Seriously, W T F

So, for a while now when I have been watching videos on Youtube sometimes this Google+/Use your full name notification has interrupted the video. Usually I've just reloaded the page or pressed cancel or something and it would go away but this time I accidently pressed OK.

As a result I was created a Google+ account (which I didn't want) and my Youtube account was disabled. I couldn't even watch my own videos anymore and my subscribers couldn't access my channel. For a while there I actually thought that Google had managed to delete all my videos (about 400 videos, maybe ~4000 minutes total).

After a while I managed to delete the Google+ account. This restored my Youtube account but all my videos had been set private. Luckily I could select all the videos and easily set them all public without having to do this for every video individually. However, as a result of the videos being private for a while (I guess) all my videos have disappeared from the Youtube/Google search results. I had some videos which were fairly popular (~100000 views) and some of them came up as the first search result in Google and Youtube with certain key words. Well, not anymore.

Even though I make these videos mainly just for fun and because I like watching them myself it's still nice to see other people watching them also. But since my videos have now disappeared from the search results I guess less people will find my videos. Some of my videos can't be found even by using the search function on my channel. Thanks a lot Google.

Sorry for the long rant. I just wanted to share what happened.
And I hope Google would stop trying to force people to use Google+.
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