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Default Dos Gaming PCs! (eBay, UK)

Hi there,

If anyone in the UK is interested, I'm selling two very nice dos gaming computer builds on eBay at the moment.

The builds are pretty expensive (so if you can easily make your own, you'd be better doing that), but the pricing is a reflection of what they cost me to build mainly as I have to get all my components off ebay (and I'm particularly picky about the P3 builds). plus when I build them, I try to think of everything.

They have brand new cases, brand new PSU:
  • One is purely for dos (by far the cheaper of the two builds - much cheaper to make and much cheaper to buy) & on best offer - this one is suitable for anyone really.
  • One is a Pentium 3 computer which is capable of running dos and XP side by side, with internet (I've now actually set the internet up in dos as well on the P3 one. Has a lovely, beige steel case, and runs without the need for a cpu fan. Would recommend this one is for someone at least a little more technical knowledge though! As it's the buyer that has to install XP.

DOS is ideally set up with all your soundcard drivers, mouse drivers, cd rom drivers, etc. set up. Conventional memory has been maximised (I use lightweight mouse and cdrom drivers, not the standard dos ones)
and EMS and XMS are set up for the games that also use them.

In addition, Certain motherboards can throttle (slow down) the computer for any picky games, and a lot can't. But if you know which ones to look for, you get twice as many speed (slow-down) options to choose from, and those are what I use - think of it as the equivalent to "Cycles" in Dosbox.

I only ever get motherboards with ISA slots, because I consider hardware Soundblaster and MIDI essential

I always try to make them fanless if I can, and _always_ use quiet hard drives - so you can enjoy your dos games in peace and quiet.

I include a boot disc which I made to give you a menu allowing the buyer to boot with or WITHOUT a memory manager - because some games have an in-built memory manager and so they won't work with one loaded.

They have a small selection of abandonware DOS games. (I'm working on improving this, as it really is a bit of a poor selection, but it does have Project Nomad on, one of my all-time favourites :P)

For the pure DOS one go here:

For the Pentium 3 based one for dual booting DOS and XP:

*When I asked about writing this post to Lulu Jane, I told her it wouldn't be as scatterbrain as me talking about it to her in the private message. oh dear, I think I was wrong.

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