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Arrow Trugg - 1995 DOS game, the full version (Level Editor).

Trugg, a game, now unlisted on their website, is a boulder-dash type game. The limited version consists of one zone, Cyberium, and its 20 levels. I've got the full version, which includes the harder zones of Conquistador and Nebulari, both with 20 levels, and Spirithouse, with 21. It also includes Trugg Junior, a 20 level beginner's zone. Juju and Kidzone (10 and 6 levels, respectively) are included. There's another zone (Netmare) somewhere that I haven't been able to find, so that's not included. The level editor allows you to edit levels, and even create your own zones, but I think each copy of trugg only allows 20 zones, and each zone has a maximum of 100 levels. As it's a DOS game, you'll probably need DosBox to run it, as Windows has so cruelly removed DOS, and apart from some lagging while switching between zones, DosBox makes this game work fine for me. Here's a few things people may find interesting: I've found a few fun glitches, including the lazer-bomb glitch (allows you to make stuff including another door), the eating a guardian glitch (using the fast left/right things to eat a guardian), and the shooting a lift while inside it glitch (allows trugg to temporarily cease to exist). Also, if you make your own zones, I think here would be a good place to post them - I may well do the same.

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