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Default Space Hack (continue)

region / character level (all monsters eliminated)
Base: 1
Killer Mountain: 5 (name of area translated from hungarian)
NOTE: melee works better until now. Not surprising. But take heed to do have a teleport item before you even start map 2, because otherwise you'll suffer. And yes, weapons, just like in Diablo, go crap just by using them, so you'll need to visit the base regularly.
TIP: when meleeing, try approaching the enemy in an angle, so it miss you.
PRO TIP: if you need a better reward than random (for whatever reason you are sparing on cash), first: the questor will tell you what type of item you will get. Two: DO NOT TOUCH THE QUEST ITEM before saving! Four: pick up the quest item, and TELEPORT TO THE BASE ASAP and finish the quest. Check the quest reward, if you don't like it, reload. WARNING: if you do anything else with your inventory, that can lead to a bug the quest cann ot be solved anymore, and that can be gamebreaking! I could go into specifics, but what's the point.
NOTE: dunno how all the equipment type works, but for armour I've seen some "heavy armour", which can give you 20% all resist, a nice bonus on armor, but costs 130 STR. I've seen light armor, mid-level armor, battle armor, and this heavy armor thingy.
For energy weapons there are a) pistols (lowest ammo consumption, fast trigger animation, maximum 13 dmg (and that's a stretch, more like 10-12) b) guns: trigger animation is like machineguns. Ammo consumption: medium. Sometimes ammo you see going all over hurts other enemies (never alien egg/larva) c) cannons. They are practicaly big shotguns. Ammo concumption: high, but around the Hidden Hospital with ca. 150 in science, you should be able to use these over the other stuff. You WANT to use them to progress faster.
When I've reached the Hidden Hospital (biodome H, aka. #7 - oh, man, this game is looong) a third tier of implants became available (both as quest reward, and just appearing in the shop), the Super implants. I've got a 27% allresist one, and that's massive (30% must be possible at least). Also seen a 50% sole reist implant too, in case anyone cares (I don't really) These are bloody rare though, and cost 30K.
Tunnel of Fear: 7.
Lances are an ok upgrade. The weapon-speed did not noticably change, you loose the shield but gain a massive dmg-boost. I don't sell the shield for now though.
Path of Entropy: 9
Platforms with ranged enemies already became a pain. Always carry with you 3+ stimpacks.
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