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Default Tunic (first impression)

Well, this doesn't start well.

One: you arrive without any goal, explanation, or anything nearbuy. Literaly not even anything that moves. Hugh mistake. If you put at least an enemy I must fight/avoid, I'm at the very least moved.
And don't start me that Zelda-comparison, there some hockey wizard shown up, and gave a goal. You had no idea where to execute that, but you did have a goal. The manual also told you your goal, and there was the intro-video that gave you at least vague ideas what oyu are up to.

Two: the lack of manual. Ok, start button-smashing for menu. Great! We do have a manual! Pressing F1... And nothing happens! Fok off, game.
Reading the store-page what'_s the fuss, seems you have to collect the manual. Fok off, game.

Ok, found a stick. MY idea: use it on that door I found. Ok, then not, it's just my basic weapon. Look, game, from the enemies I've found in the vicinity, you're not some Dark Souls. You are Little Big Adventure. You are a barely controllable, semi-boring piece of crap.

Yes. Isometric. Look, that worked for turn-based games, but otherwise it is not for PC-gamers. It needs a controller, a bloody joystick.

Also, game, why don't let me read stuff on the markings? And when I finaly find one, marking "Town", why can't I just walk there? I definitely need healing! Oh, wassis? An altair? HUGH mistake. One: I dunno if I can use it repeatedly. Two: I despise religion. I don't wanna play a religious character.
Then again, maybe not everything is lost... Why do I have a stamina-bar? It's not used for anything. Also, why don't I have a mana-bar? If I can have an unused stamina-bar, why not a mana-bar?

On the unreadable markings, and half the manual being unreadable gibberish, let's mention at the start you game let me wonder into some forest. Why you started I thoought they are spikes, and would hurt, but ok, they are pines. Now, this is obviously some open-world exploration game. Fine. Then why isn't in that explorable area ANYTHING to be discovered? Why the unreadable markings? Why are you actively DISCOURAGE me from exploring?

Ok, moving forward still. There's a branching path. Ok, let's investigate the Giant Golden Door, because obviously it won't let me through. And it did! And I cann ot go back! Damn you game, I want to go back exploring! Ok, only way out is forward... Maybe this will be the promised town? No. This'll be some stupid gimmicky place. Ok, whatever. Oh, no. No, no, no, no. There's my mother, and I have to free her. Total breaking of immersion. I already decided I'm a heartless, personalityless adventurer who is in this just for the money. Questions areise in hundreds. How did I not know it? How did I forget? How did I end up on the shore? Penyless? Whatever, I'm out where I was.
Let's go the other way. Oh, it's a dead end. Now what. Oh, I found a second item! Let's put it on a hotkey. Why can't I put it on a hotkey? Ok, whatever, the only place to go now is that door. Yes, it was a key. But this also means then, I can only have 3 items the same time? In an open-world exploration? No way!
Look, shiney! Hey, that's the town! How do I get down there... The game even teases me with a friggin telescope. Why even is that a feature at all, when there are 4 friggin buttons to look in directions? Who knows.

What I do know is, I'm not interrested in what this game offers. Especialy that it doesn't even offer me an AUTOMAP? Free-roaming open world exploration without an automap? You must be joking. You obviously have a hugh world here, there's no way I'll just mark things on paper like for The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, which has a very concised map, which you'll walk over and over and over.
Skip. Or look up a review on what is going on in this, because it is a confusing mess.
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