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1) unless my sorc has that spell from the getgo (which he doesn't, I think), that won't help.

2) that's kinda obvious, but I refuse to get accustomed to sub-par, highly outdated features. One: no modern player would do so, two: I'm not very motivated on my part.

3) that was obvious, but it is a very clunky way. The good way was MM6-7-8, where the secret door was highlighted by red. There is a reason secret doors are used to be marked by cracks in the wall. You need to hint to the player (so they can find them), but you shall not make it obvious, otherwise it is not secret door.

4) I didn't even met a shop. Either way, unless those armor give HP instead of AC, it wouldn't help. The rats simply 1HKO certain classes.

5) well, with meta-knowledge I probably would know that. But the point was to enter without meta-knowledge, and play it as a game, not as following a set of instructions.
Computer-games too long were allowed to be nothing else but hint-line scams.

I gave up "early", because these games do not worth the effort today.



That's genious. I store the link for some later time. Hugh thank you.


Unrelated: currently playing Swords and Souls: Neverseen. It is one of those flashgames which now pretend to not be flashgame, so to acess it I use the Netflix-method, whatever.
Point is, it has a minimal story-or-whatever, enough to fuel a playthrough. This is NOT a game you wish to replay. There isn't much reason anyway, unless you want to ocncentrate on one of the melee weapons exclusively.
The whole thing looks on papre repetitive, and technicaly it is, but if you focus on getting the badges during every level of training, you'll have only a couple of training-sessions before completion. Sure, those will be hours upon hours long sessions, but still limited number of sessions, what is ok.
The gaming-balance and economy-balance is of a flashgame, some achievements (juggler, especialy) are practical impossibility - no surprise, we are talking about an Armorgames product.
But it is a good reflex-training, I give you that.
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