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SpiDoL (or WarMasterXX)
Default About Mortal Kombat on Abandonia Frequency

Sorry about making this post as an unregistered user, but the site's acting really cooky again.

I don't know if I should've posted this in my Offers thread or not, but I have something for you guys that's related to Abandonia Frequency:

I went to the Mortal Kombat section of the player, and saw that all you have in there is the cheesy techno mix that everyone knows the Mortal Kombat by. I don't know about you, but that needs to change. I have the official MK I & II soundtrack and the official MK 3 & 4 soundtrack on my MP3 player. Since all four of those games were ported to the PC, I see know reason why their soundtracks can't be added to Abandonia Frequency. Just give me the directions and I'll upload them.
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