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Ha, PDA's.
They were always so cool, but every one I've ever had I've lost.
Besides, mine were some kid's brand like Spider-Man anyway.
Well, not that Spider Man is for kids. And not that Franchised PDA's aren't still ultra awesome. But that's not my point.

Anybody ever use the Sega Dreamcast's PDA compatiblility? That's what I hate about PDA's. Not enough people buy them, and they go obsolete quicker than a Iphone.
On top of that, almost no one supports them, either with the machines they build, the OS's they make, or with actual tech support.
After all, there is a reason why there isn't
"Padbandonia, the home for classic PDA software!"
I have always liked PDA'S so much, but they seem like one of those underground areas of computing. With SmartPhones and Kindles already so much better, the next PDA would be a Smartphone!
I made this post from my Kindle. Heh.
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