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I think I can clear this up, A Smart Phone is a cross between a PDA and a Cell phone, as you guys already esablished that point.
Smart phones are mostly made by cell phone companies aka; moto, nokia.
However they must be able to run applications, like Microsoft Office.
So I will mention each points in small detail.

The phone part:
~For a smart phone you must be able to use all over the world hense a world phone.

The Smart Part
~ Must have WIFI, an operating system, bluetooth, good memory, and must have expandable memory.
~ Must be able to load software...
and some even have cameras

And on the point of the NIntendo DS there is a little piece of hardware called Movie advance and lets you play movies, MP3's, read e-books, and lets you look at pictures if i remeber correctly, though its acctually built for the GBA. and with th Ds' WIFI soon the will be game ie. Mario Kart DS which you can play against people for all over the world, and there is a port of Linus for the DS so you might be able to use the internet, possabily even firefox.

I think thats all I have to say.

Woot first post on page 3 :Brain:
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