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This whole thing has been put on hold for a while since, after a load of ****-ups (mostly my fault and lack of ability to swallow pride) I have no staff rights for any Abdandonia stuff (AB).
I therefore cannot admin Steam groups - which involves event setups, or player of the weeks - and I can't even admin the Steamgroup I SET UP MYSELF!!!

Fubb's in charge of that now, so he must add me.

There's a new spraypaint available in another part of the forum [3xblah] which you can use, but it's not transparent. For that, you'll need to covert to targa (tga) and set transparent, then export for web and devices as a tga file.
Works fine for me, so long as it is square (ie 2x2;4x4;16x16 xtc^).

Unless one of the other two admins sorts it out:
Red_avatar or The_Chosen, and they're not online very often, I think it's safe to say this while even it canceled.

Sorry to the folks who were looking forward to it, but I can't make an announcement on the Steam pages at this time.
Since L4D1 & 2, account for around 66% of our groups gaming time, these events prove pretty popular.

Shame things are mysteriously happening like this...

If I were the paranoid type - I'd start to believe that you folk don't like me and want to see my ousted from this community, despite the things I can offer.
No problem with me - it's not like there aren't other places, but even still...

It'd still be good, as several people (including a few forums users have said) to have this event and stuff over the Easter holidays.

I'm sorry to say, Retro, that we already have the Abandoned Army group for playing 4 player co-op on Steam, but - the way it is looking - my place may soon be up for grabs.
So long as you can lead them all through the expert modes on l4d and to victory in Vs mode, I think they'll accept you with open arms

Therefore, will someone who *is* an group admin of Abandonia (ie Red or TC and NOT Abandoned Army, as that's only Fubb now, not me) Please organise it?!
Pretty please..?

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