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No one gives a hog shit damn if you do if if you odn't, Eagle of Fire!!!!Prof. Oak! Get Left 4 Dead! It's the best Co-ope shooting game there is i think!!!
El Quia and Saccade, I'm with you and I'll be there to kick some zmobie ass and win soe Versus matches no problems!
Now we just need one more for our Versus Team!!!! Who will it be?!?!

How can I get one of the abandoinia spraypaintes for my game? Id' sure love one of them!
Ppl haev said that they wished saccade was nicer to people,m but with people like this? what's to eb nice? lol?
This is nice enough for me, solong as they keeps orgnising these games and helps create the same sorta communutiy ast was made when they +finally+ made the Facebook one!


you know if you make the .ppng or .jpg as a .tga, you can make it invisible tso the background doesn't shine through ina whitle..? you prob od newya, by just checking !
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