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The scaler is a matter of personal preference. I like to use normal so I get an image as close as possible to the original, even if it looks pixelated--of course these old games looked pixelated originally.

Using a smoothing scaler such as sai doesn't create an image with higher resolution, the image is what the game has and that's it. By using this scaler you fool the eye, reducing pixelation, in exchange of adding noise and "blurring" the image.

Whatever looks better to you is best for you, of course, i.e. this is a subjective matter of aesthetics. It can also depend on the kind of image: photograph-like images may look nicer by reducing pixelation, and less ugly because of the blur; whereas "pixel art" may resent a lot from blurring and gain nothing from smoothing the edges.

Here you can compare the alternative scalers:

Where did you hear about using "0x0" resolution? Thanks a lot, I didn't know about it, and it's not documented, but I've found this from the author of DOSBox:
Originally Posted by Qbix
fullresolution=0x0 means use your current desktop resolution on windows. 1024x768 on non-windows systems.
Ideally, you should use the native (square pixeled) resolution of your monitor--no matter if it's that resolution that you're using for the Windows desktop. When you don't, your graphic card may also come into play scaling again on top of DOSBox

1024x768 can't be right for you, because it's 4:3 and you said your monitor is wide.
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