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I'm a big fan of, The Stephen Colbert Report, and just the different segments, interviews and more that Stephen does, but there's one segment on that show that has always been my favourite... The Word, it's basically a segment where Stephen talks about different world issues, from a conservative standpoint most of the times, and just gives his "honest" opinion on it.

So during some free time I had around Christmas last year, I decided to do something similar, and dubbed it "The E Report"® Anyways, The E Report is essentially my thoughts, opinions on a wide variety of issues ranging from current events, certain news articles and sometimes gaming, it varies from episode to episode.

So after showcasing this on AR, I'm bringing it over to AB to show you what its like. Think of it like an episode of radio commentary on an issue, filled with jokes, sarcasm, and whatever devices I use to get my point across.

Keep in mind though that these Reports, are done mostly on the fly. They were also done at different times of the year so some of what I may say may be outdated or something else that is odd, so keep that in mind. Usually done in one or two takes or more. That's right, I hardly ever plan how it's going to turn out, but I speak as the thoughts come to me, so there will be the occasional hiccup, but in most cases it turns out pretty well.

So I present to you a collection of some of the reports I have posted thus far, with my lastest one, The E Report Episode 35 for your listening pleasure, any thoughts, comments, or whatever comes to mind about any episode feel free to post away and I will address them if need be.

The E Report Episode 2

The E Report Episode 6

The E Report Episode 8 Christmas Special

The E Report Episode 13

The E Report Episode 15

The E Report Episode 16

The E Report Episode 20

The E Report Episode 22

The E Report Episode 26

The E Report Episode 32

The E Report Episode 33

The E Report Episode 34

The E Report Episode 35 (Latest Episode)
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