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Originally Posted by tienkhoanguyen View Post

These are the two need for DOS game dedicated to Abandonia!

Use A-left

and Q to quit.

There is also a secret scramble key... spacebar#

Just put these two in the same directory like in DOSBOX MSDOS FREEDOS...
There is a cheat that allows you to use your own pictures for the scramble game of puzzle. If you have a picture from your camera just convert it to 256 color Microsoft Bitmap format. The dimensions are 320x200. Please make sure it is not compressed. There are two possible choices to save in Microsoft 256 color format: (1) compress and (2) uncompress. Both needs to be set to 8 bit. Well for New Years look for a New Years picture by the end of the day if you don't want to do the work for your own pictures. Thanks. Cheers and drink water! hehe
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