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Dear Captien Bible , I forgot to mention that even using dual-boot and / or Virtual Machine has its flaws:

01) In the case of Virtual Machine, it must have minimum requirement as Operating System. It is not guaranteed that the Virtual Machine will accept the installation of older Operating Systems. Thus, it is a software compatibility problem.

02) In the case of dual-boot (and multi-boot), the hardware may not accept the installation of older Operating Systems. My HP Desktop supported Windows XP while my Dell Desktop did not accept the installation of Windows XP and caused Blue Screen of Death (BDOS). Thus, it is a hardware compatibility problem.

The solution of the 1st case is to find a Virtual Machine that accepts older Operating Systems. That is only if it is possible to find such a Virtual Machine.

The solution of the 2nd case is to find hardware that accepts Windows XP. In other words, the PC can not be neither very recent nor very old.
Dear Mystvan,

The only thing I know about the dragons whether game or not is that the more red they are the more fiery they are! Also, if you drink spirits you will not know that a dragon is going to hurt you. That is the only thing I have learned in the past 2 days. I don't know if I need to thank God for these information or not but I thank Jesus Christ who died already too long ago. I am sad Jesus Christ is not here anymore because he would be able to save me from the red fiery dragon#
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