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Alright, so... as stated, I kinda wanna remake Merchant Prince. Which is available for download around here somewhere.

For those of you who haven't played the game, it's basically a trader game [buy at one port, sell at another, repeat] with a number of sweet additions, such as the ability to be the friggin' pope and summon your own army, having senators with a council that can give you the ability to lead Venice's armies (main or naval), the ability to conquer a city so only those people of your choice can use it, etc.

I want to remake it. Badly. I've got a number of ideas that I feel would improve upon an already wonderful game (such as speeding up the automated trading, and adding "conquest" as a victory condition). Problem is, while I can program to an extent, I don't have the time nor focus to code this from scratch, regardless of how utterly simplistic the game is.

To break it down, I need some sort of development kit that is for tile-based games [wargames would work] or at least one that can be used to easily make one. Everything else I can manage myself.

Time is a factor. A disturbingly big factor.

Crap, I forgot.

It has to be free.
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