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Originally Posted by twillight View Post
Does this worth a whole thread?
Also, sounds pretty long title.
And when searchedup, it doesn't even match the actuakl title, which is "Birthright: the Gorgon's Alliance".
Not to mention it even has its own thread in the ISO-Cellar.

But I watched you video anyway. Good intro.
You mention you never managed to win. Still "best", even if only "not played"? Also, why no win? What were/is the obstacle(s)?

For Jump, the Might&Magic series counts?
I don't see why it's not worth a thread?

The box says "Dungeons & Dragons Birthright Gorgon's Alliance" though.

And yes, I do think it's the best undiscovered DnD hidden gem, but the game is also quite difficult, hence why I never finished
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