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Questions and answers.

1) Why not aim for a Windows 9X machine with a Pentium CPU?

Because PCem is a low level emulation program, and therefore very CPU intensive. Also, DOS games are a pain in the ass to run under Windows 9X, and they're my main interest.

On the other hand, a Windows 9X machine should be easier to configure. Chances are you won't need to access the BIOS and that most hardware will be automatically (if not optimally) detected during installation of the OS.

2) Should I use DOSBox or PCem?

My advice would be to use DOSBox for casual gaming or if your PC is not that recent.

Use PCem for games and programs if your PC is new-ish and you want the full experience.

3) Can I backup or copy machines to other PCs?

Absolutely. The CFG file for every machine you set up will be in the configs folder, and the harddrive image wherever you created it. You may need to edit the CFG file with the proper path to your harddrive image, though.

4) Can I re-use harddrives for different machines?

That's a tough one. I've re-used harddrives with DOS for different configurations. You only need to erase / install drivers for the different hardware. I don't know if this will work for Windows 9X computers.

5) Program / game X won't work for me!

After discarding obvious mistakes, such as incompatible hardware or not enough memory (when using DOS, run MEMMAKER!), you can try the PCem message board.

6) Just how compatible is PCem with old software?

I'd say very much.

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