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yes launchers are very good in start. however in X-com you can't use them outside of water (only grenades and STUN grenade launchers). also rocket launchers are useless against mayn aliens (like Tasoth in X-com). for those oyu need to develope new launchers from alien technology, but that takes time.
my advice would be use launcher as much as you can in begining but be also sure to develope alien weapons like ion cannon (in x-com)/plasma cannon (in UFO) which are more powerfull then earth based technology and are also more accurate. come to think of it there is no point in using scientists on earth based wepoan tech.

one more word about grenades (or better use alien pulse grenades which have much bigger power). in early part of the game they are vital in colony attack missions because colonies have aliens that are best killed with combination of grenade throw and a shot from weapon (i use explosive ammo only on early weapons).

don't foget to do aliebn reasearch to get new armour which will also help a lot (even the most common armour one can save a soldiers life)

later on with all tech developed the soldiers become a real one man army. i still have a savegame where i played and played the X-com because i didnt' know i need to click on Leviathan and select T'leth to go on final mission. i also for some reason wasn't able to research the mind control weapon (must have been some bug) because i didn't research in proper order ( did have molecular control labs for soldiers to train in so i could kick evryone that was weak). so the seamen have really buffed up. they had crazy accuracies and thowing range/accuracy. they just went out of the ship and killed everyone without moving away from the ship. the vehicle idd reconaiscense and men did the shooting. some had amn accuracy of almoust 200% whatever that means. in any case they never missed. it was simmilar with grenade throwing. the aliens panicked because i kiled a few on beginning and i just threw a few greandes in the movement area. BOOM! AAAAAAARGH! and they are history.

anyway the point is research research. and let the vehicles explore the map because if alien sees them they can't be taken under control.

good luck with the game. i know it's hard to play if you don't know at least a few tricks (like what to prioritize in research, or capturing live aliens in begining to do research on them, or how to find and deal with colony/terror site - thes eprovide the most points/money/technology in the game, or to have a really large number of scientists in beginning - 100 and more- to do the much needed research). oh and feel free to ask for any additional advice. this goes especially for "month32".
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