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I'm sorry but I'm too stupid. I can't mount anything. I don't know which file to mount, I don't know if I have to extract something or not before. I really don't know how to follow your instructions properly. I already read the DosBox guides (and already played a lot of game with it before), but I'm not a tech and english is not my mothertongue. I'm simply overwhelmed by the number of file I find in this release and I don't know how to use them.

Originally Posted by Smiling Spectre View Post
1. Mount with DOSBox or DTLite.
1.1. Do not forget to mount _something_ as disc C (where you'll install Ravenloft)
1.2. If it was DTLite, mount disc as CD.

2. Go to your CD ([mounted disc letter]:, for example d:). Find installer with list /p (usually it's something like install.exe). Run it, typing it's name (install.exe, if it is the case. You can omit .exe bit).

3. Follow the instructions on screen.

4. Do not forget to mount disc again each time when you going to play Ravenloft.
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