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yeah, just found out, in the army info screen.

This is the first time I seem to be winning! or at least not losing yet. Normal difficulty and I'm allied with 2 other countries, picking off the others one by one. I only managed to pick up 5 extra provinces, but I seem to constantly get capitols and provinces with lots of resources, while the ai seems to pick the easiest targets... Ofcourse it's hardly defended, it doesn't have anything worth defending! However, taking them all out means the capitol loses income which means that the army is slowly dismissed. The trick is to attack while it is weakened but not so weak that my allies will attack first.

I'm getting to end game, 4 great nations left, me and 2 smaller ones vs the big guy, though he's not that big anymore, in three turns I took 7 provinces. I'm not even develloping anymore, letting the AI infrastructure be enough. The only exception is mines and oil. I have excess lumber, excess timer, paper, cloth, clothes, wool, linnen, furniture and eerything, but I can never get enough steel and well, that power plant is a great help, though I do keep a workforce at hand in case a lot of my oil gets cut off. The workforce is mostly at work making foor, of which i have 3000 now, despite selling a lot and recruiting a lot. Average income per turn, 50.000

so a note. As soon as you seem to be exceeding your spendings per turn, buy ores, coal and metal. You'll need enormous quantities later on. Don't worry too much about horses. If you have them, nice, they don't sell well, but the light artillery is very useful. The heavy cavalry only really gets useful after the first upgrade in my opinion, 3 range is not enough for anyting. Since light infantry to sharpshooters is the first upgrade, and the others will take some time, especially the ones for the other infantry, they suddenly become top of he class.

all in all (not counting AI stupidity) it makes the battles interesting through all the ages. You've got infanry and cavalry to screen for your artillery moving into position. Light artillery moves faster but is extremely vulnerable. However, if some of your units have drawn the fire of enemy artilery, your light artillery can quickly move in to take it out. This usually causes the enemy cavalry and infantry to attack your light artillery, but your stationary, long range artillery is using defensive fire, and your own (surviving) foot and horse units also fire back. The damage can be astounding.

Just be happy the ai doesn't use only heavy artillery on defence, like I do. Nothing gets within range without being hit 2 or 3 times, which is usually enough to rout or kill them

capitals seem to keep on buying items even when captured, but I might be wrong. Having no market for your goods is the nightmare for any empire

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