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When I was young, way, way back, I had a game of which I couldn't even finish the first level. Now I think I'm ready to gie it another go, but I forgot the title. The game goes as follows:

It's a DOS game (doh), no fancy colors, hercules was sufficient to play.
You where a guy/human stylized figure and you were in a place (possibly a pyramid or s'thing of the like) where there are lots of platforms (no scrolling though) in this single room. When you stepped on a piece of a platform, it turned white. You had to cross ALL the platforms (did I already tell you there were LOTS?) before either finishing the game or go to the next level.

But ofcourse there's the obligatory trap; at a regular interval an arrow would be shot (left to right only) on the row where you stood. So it's a bit of an action/puzzle game. No other baddies, just the arrows. Enough for lots of frustrating hours....

Anyone knows what game I'm talking about and where to find it?
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