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Originally Posted by The Fifth Horseman View Post
First of all, don't grab a torrent that has just been uploaded to a public tracker. Malware and fakes are frequent problems there. Wait until a few other people have downloaded it first, and check if they left any complaints.

As for security flaws, do you think Windows doesn't have any?

Don't download the latest 0-days unless you're on a trusted - this means PRIVATE - tracker. Use protocol encryption. Don't use default ports.
Got it! for the recent torrents and I always felt like this when i tried it in the past.
What is protocol encryption and how do i do it. Does this have to do with the firewall?
And what do you mean by "default ports", how do i change them?

Now, I have used in the past Bitcomet and had a good experience with it.
I did a little search and find out that the most popular software for torrent are
bittorrent and utorrent

i don see much difference between the last two programs but there must be a big difference with the first one (i mean the first one is 5 megs and the last ones are less than 1 meg)
what is the main difference?
Which one would you recommend? and why against the others?
Abandonia is the best!!!:thumbs:
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