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Default [Luchsen] Stargunner(?)

I'm looking for a side srolling game (I think it was a nsdos game but it could be a windows game)
I played a demo in 1995-96 (I don't remember) in which you moved in a christmas stage and the final boss was a santa claus robot, all the ships and the boss were "3d like"
I just could play that stage but I know there were sea stages and desert...

I said "pseudo 3d" I meant "pre-rendered"
Just the ships and enemies are pre-rendered, the enviroment is flat and static.

In the middle of a stage there are shops to buy weapons.
The awesome music is not MIDI but mod or similar I think, and the stage I played had a cool christmas mix.

If somebody knows about this game please answer me.
This game is very similar to stargunner.

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