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Default .rtf (Main Quest Walkthrough + cheat)

Elisabeth the 1st

Did you fall out of favor with Elisabeth? The trade routes are not lucrative enough and the annoying pirates can not be weaned? You would be able to do the adventure parts, but when and where do these adventures take place? If you ask yourself these questions, you should not go further - because here comes the rescue on the high seas!

If you want to build a trading empire from 5,000 pounds and a small pinnace in 30 years, you have to be very fast. At the beginning you should trade mainly with cheap goods, so the ship is busy. Worthwile routes are: cloth from London to Barcelona, ​​beer from Barcelona to Algiers, silk or brandy from Algiers to Edinburgh and then a trip back to London from where it is repeated. Of course, the first earned pounds should be immediately invested in a larger ship. The advantage of a large one compared to many small ships is, that the manufactory shall always be in the city in which one desires the office of the ambassador, since the establishment of a manufactory always brings a positive image thrust (reputationincrise? whatever the game-term is) with itself. Also, the location should be adapted to the materials that processed there. The best way to build a distillery is in a wine-growing region (Le Havre) and a weaving mill near cheap cloth suppliers (London, Edinburgh or Antwerp). The last worthwhile way to earn money is to give credit to cities. These interest the capital at 12% - a sum that should not be underestimated (? the capitaltakes 12% of such income from you? or it is the maximumtax rate you can set?). It also strengthens his trust in the citizens.

The flip side of the coin

If you do not want to remain a merchant forever, you must be appointed ambassador. Once appointed ambassador, the road to success becomes a lot rockier. Ambassadors want to receive adequate (expensive), feed the poor, renovate the legation and celebrate festivals. For an envoy, it is always good to be able to cover approximately one-third of the upcoming investments with credit at the city hall every quarter (?refers to city-quarters? or bad grammar?). Also, one should often prove his faith in the church. Receptions or special occasions must always be scheduled with the adjutant the day before, and do not forget: the small people also have votes! But since earning money in Elisabeth is not too difficult, we now dedicate ourselves to the 15 quests. In this way you can gain more image than through the largest donations. At this point we give you again the most important advice: save, save, save! If you follow the advice rigorously, it should not be a problem to soon stand in the place of Sir Cecil the Privy Council. I wish you success!

Introduction Quest

The series of 15 quests in Elisabeth is initiated right at the beginning by a small one. Just take your pinnace to any port (except Barcelona & London) and visit the tavern. It is pointed out to you that an envoy of the English crown has fallen into a storm and urgently needs to be taken to Barcelona to invite the Spanish king to the coronation ceremony of Elizabeth. If you accept the order, you automatically drive to Barcelona. There the Messenger asks you to wait ten days so that he can deliver the King's answer. Invest the 1,000 pounds that you have to pay for 10 days of anchors, because after you have brought the envoy back to London, you will be invited to the palace. There Elisabeth awaits you personally. She thanks you and compensates you with a bag full of gold.

The transport order

After leaving the throne room, asks you to visit the London-based dealer. Accept the invitation and accept the order to transport grain to Le Havre. Once in Le Havre, visit the local dealer who will offer you a sample of his freshly brewed miracle water to Barcelona. If you accept the order, you will automatically sail to Barcelona. Here you will visit the tavern to hand over to Renata de la Campolonga the despatch of Crubourgeois. After you have invited her to have a drink, leave the tavern and go back to the cabin, where you are already expected by a messenger from the mayor. Following the invitation of the mayor, go to the town hall. There you will be given another despatch to be delivered to Bayonne. Unfortunately, you can not bargain with the mayor, but he already offers the stately sum of 300 pounds for this messenger trip. Once in Bayonne, visit the Spanish Embassy, ​​where Mr. Velázquez is waiting for you. He wants to be taken to Barcelona immediately after receiving the despatch. With a little sensitivity, you can easily get around 500 pounds for the ride. While you deliver Velázquez in Barcelona, ​​he already awaits you with the next order: He wants to drive himself and a few friends to Scotland. Important: You must have sold all goods that are on the ship before they leave. Otherwise there is not enough space for the passengers. As a born stoic, get involved in the deal, but first consult with your adjutant. He recommends that you deliver the passengers to the English Crown. You accept this proposal and set sail for London. There you enter the throne room and reap your praise from Elisabeth.

Espionage in Scotland

If you happen to be in London on 15.12.1560, you will be directed to the third quest. Sir Cecil needs someone to go to Edinburgh quickly. Accept with thanks and go there immediately. In the tavern talk to the bartender and ask him about McFarley. Since he was recently arrested, you must first contact another person: Bianca Le Normand. They will meet you on the stage of the tavern in the evening. Unfortunately, you can not help. After a brief visit to your cabin, enter the town hall. There you meet a scribe who suspects a certain O'Shaugnessy in the shipyard. But even there you will not find him. Now take a look in the dungeon. But beware: save before trying, here which of the answers works is random. Try to get into the prisoner's cell and buy him out. He then gives you a belt buckle, which you give to Bianca Le Normand in the tavern along with the dispatch from Sir Cecil. Quickly bag the confirmation from Bianca and back to London, where you are already expected by Elisabeth and Cecil in the throne room. After a short conversation, you agreed to take Sir Cecil to Edinburgh. There, you have to go to the tavern twice to find Bianca and Cecil on your ship. Now you deliver Cecil to London or Bianca to Bayonne and have successfully completed the third quest.

Elisabeth has smallpox

Sometime in 1563 you should go to a tavern (except London, Algiers, Bayonne). There you will learn that the queen is ill and urgently needs help. Fortunately, for a small fee of £ 50, which your queen should worth, the innkeeper provides information about two doctors. Do not choose the muslim, as he will either try to poison the queen or be arrested before completing [historical perspective, remember]. So head to Bayonne, where Monsieur Coupe-les-Oz is supposed to be. Once there, pay a visit to the innkeeper, who tells you besides many unimportant things that the doctor is currently staying in Lisbon. Also in Lisbon, the landlord is first interrogated. This gives the place of residence of the doctor, and immediately pay him a visit. After you have calmed down his (Catholic) conscience with a bag of gold, go immediately to London. Hurry up in the throne room and hand over the doctor to Sir Cecil. After receiving your praise, you can return to your business - Quest number 4 is done and the queen is saved.

The change

In 1566, the Queen visits you in London to doafavour for her. You are asked to drive to Barcelona. Once there, you enter the bank and trigger the bill. The banker asks you to do another transport. You accept this as well, but before you pay the money you decide to drop by Elisabeth and ask her for your opinion. She wants to use forged money to wipe out Spain once and for all (not sure about this sentence!). The new cargo will finally bring you to La Coruna and reap the bishop's praise.

Captain Hawkins

From 01.09.1568 until the end of the year, you will encounter the ship of Captain Hawkins when leaving the ports of Cadiz, Lisbon, La Coruna or Bayonne. He was attacked by Spanish pirates and now swims helplessly through the waters. Provide him with groceries for the moment and then immediately head for London to deliver the captain's message to Elisabeth. This in turn sends you back to the captain to get the necessary information. These should then bring you together with a message to the English ambassador in Barcelona. The envoy is worried about the incidents surrounding his wife who are to take you to London. On the way to the queen you will be pursued by a few captains, who want to steal from you the ambassador's wife and her belongings. The only way to prevent this is to sink the pirates. This increases your reputation with the Queen and protects the financial budget. With the return to London, this adventure is over.

Mercator's plate

The next conspiracy will come to you when you visit the dealer of the city of Lisbon in 1569. Unknowingly you are standing in front of him, when he tells you that Sir Cecil is in the city and wants to talk to you.
As soon as you arrive at Villa Arborgrey (on the hill), Cecil informs you that there is a printing plate waiting for you in Barcelona, ​​which is crucial for the continuation of the royal family. If you accept the order, you travel to Barcelona, ​​where you will be dismissed as an English merchant. Sir Cecil suggests that you have your ship rebuilt at La Rochelle. Follow his instructions and drive to La Rochelle, where you will find Fancois in the tavern. After a visit to the shipyard, you will first get rid of £ 5,000 for the remodeling as you are now waiting for ten days. Before you leave the city, take another look at the tavern. Fancois asks you to drive him to Algiers and is willing to pay £ 1,000 for it. Afterwards you leave for Barcelona, ​​where you will find in the bar Mauro, which loads the statue and the valuable contents on your ship.
When leaving the port, do not be persuaded by your cheeky aide to take the plate to another hiding place. In the statue, she gets safely to London and thus into the hands of the Queen, who will quickly give you a few pounds before she goes back to her business. One can only say: disaster successfully fended off!

The Conspiracy

Important: The following quest is only available from version 1.01! If you're already in the middle of the quest and can not get any further after waiting for the spy in Cadiz for a day, just click in the corner of the upper left corner of your cabin. This will allow you to complete the quest and have the opportunity to leave the harbor. From January to August of the year 1570, in any English, French and Dutch port, you will meet a Queen's messenger who desperately wants to speak with you. As soon as you arrive in the throne room, she tells you about a planned conspiracy against her. Drive first to Cadiz, where you learn in the local bar that the royal informant had to walk in the dungeon La Corunas. It is not a problem. However, to bribe the Guardian of the Dungeon; 3,000 pounds is required. If the spy is free, you will travel back to Cadiz, where he will need another day to get new information. During this time you should equip your ship, if not already done, with numerous sailors and appropriate equipment. The next day, you spy the spy in the tavern (anchor). Listen to his report and decide to take advantage of the next breeze to follow Bailly. As you might expect, you can just catch up with his pinnace. Make him fight and board his boat. He is automatically taken hostage and the trip to London is prepared. Before you drop, however, he makes you an offer: They let him run in return of the layouts of two ships of the silver fleet. Get involved and put out Bailly in Algiers. Then hijack the ships and travel to London with the despatches and winnings, where you'll be paid £ 5,000 for your bold activities.

The conquest of Briel

For the Dutch water geodeses, see the following quest, which you can take in February 1572 in all cities except London. Sir William asks you to go to London. He explains the precarious situation of the Queen and orders you to accompany the Geusen to the sea. Once in Dover, chat with Captain de la Marck, who offers you to join the water jets. Agree and set the destination first as France and then the Netherlands. But instead of going to Antwerp, a storm brings you near Briel, where you also try to go ashore to let the storm pass. The Spanish ship, which tries to prevent this, is quickly sunk. No sooner have you landed than a messenger from the local mayor delivers an invitation letter. He informs you that Elisabeth wants to speak to you urgently. Leave Briel and the Geusen to sail to England. In the throne room you will receive Elisabeth and Sir Cecil. Both have come up with a plan to stop the expected recapture of Briel. Continue to Portsmouth to collect more ships to join your convoy. Afterwards, make a short detour to Antwerp, where you will meet Captain de la Marck in the town hall, who will provide you with a galleon. In front of Calais, you will meet the Spanish fleet, which has turned out to be slightly larger than expected. Through policy of small stitches, you should succeed in sinking the latecomers in sporadically, without the main convoy noticing any of it. Proceed this way until only the battle remains as an alternative. After not much left of the fleet, you learn that two transporters escaped in the heat of the battle. Even if you decide to follow them, you can not manage to intercept them. By a little consideration, you come up with the idea to ask a dike master builder his opinion. After a short conversation, you are determined to blow up a floodgate so that the Spanish army must flee. Said, done - Briel is again freed from annoying Spanish conquerors, and you are in the favor of the Dutch and of course in the Queen's a lot higher.

The siege of La Rochelle

If you visit one of the cities London, Antwerp or Hamburg in the years 1572 and 1573, you will be automatically involved in the following story. A messenger asks you to meet a royal informant in the tavern in Le Havre. This hooded man is Lord Walsingham, and he tells you that you must send a load of black powder from London to La Rochelle. So head to London, where an arms dealer is already waiting for you (behind the Privy Council). If the black powder is loaded, you leave for La Rochelle, where you are expected by two Spanish ships. The coming battle is not easy, but don't worry. If the ships are either sunk or taken over, you can hand over the powder to the Huguenots in La Rochelle and sail back to London, where, in addition to a few pounds' worth of reward from the queen, you get a little honey on your lips.

Frobishers expedition

Sir Martin Frobisher, who founded an expedition at his own expense, is urgently needed in England. In 1576, the queen orders you to find him. Your first clue is the city of Edinburgh. Once there, the shipyard master points you to a card writer who lives at the harbor. After some explanations it is clear: Frobisher has sailed off with a wrong card. Now it is time to find the culprit - his former associate. He is located - how could it be otherwise - now in the dungeon, where you can buy him for 500 pounds. Offer him the release after finishing the work, but change your mind again and take the wrong cartographer? wrong map? wrong card? with you and search for the wrong Northwest Passage. After a short tour you will find Sir Martin Frobisher - the discoverer of the Greenland Islands - in an Iglo. Unfortunately, only force can convince him to come along, but that's the way it has to happen so that the queen is satisfied.
(I think here you have to make the map of the Northwest passage finished, but take the version to use which Frobisher used to find Frobisher if it was not clear.)

The landing at Smerwick

In 1579, the power from Rome and the Spanish king plan a landing in English climes. Elisabeth got wind of it and she tries to find out what's going on. First you sail to La Coruna, where you can get some information from the local bartender for 300 pounds. He also arranges a meeting with "Jorge", a country man, who tells you that the invasion fleet has already run out. Your lousy aide can not stop you from sailing directly to London to deliver a report to the Queen. This hands you the order to drive to Smerwick and put an end to the spook. When you come near the bay, you see that the opposing fleet is more than twice as large as assumed. For more information, send a patrol to the enemy camp. Afterwards sail back to London and go to the throne room. There you are offered to sail again to Smerwick with an admiral and his fleet to teach the invaders a lesson. Once there, the situation has changed again - the invaders have landed and have entrenched themselves in a castle. Now it is time to deliver a vote of confidence - they do not believe you anymore! But the admiral can convince them that you are not a traitor by suggesting the salami tactic that the operation succeeds. (or YOU can convince the admiral - I think google translate has problems with passive sentences!) If you do not die in the massacre, then Elisabeth's thanks are certain.

The return of the Golden Hind

Francis Drake will meet you in the months of June and July of the year 1580, if you leave one of the ports of Cadiz, Lisbon, La Coruna or Bayonne. On your journey an unidentifiable ship comes to meet you - the Pelican. Francis Drake has just completed his circumnavigation, destroying several Spanish settlements in West America. Now a storm off the Spanish coast puts him so much in need of help. Take his ship in tow and drive to La Coruna. Sell ​​the contents of your ship and go to the shipyard - then back to the ship where Drake is waiting for you. Once you reach Drake's ship, he offers to escort you to La Rochelle. Let the shops rest and do his bidding, as he offers you another job soon after: Deliver some "building materials" to a diamond grinder in Antwerp and bring the finished product to Le Havre as soon as possible. Once in the port of Antwerp, inquire at the tavern about the location of the diamond grinder and then pay him a visit. Six days you have to wait for the work, then go with the crown to Le Havre. In the tavern hand over the crown to Drake, who offers to travel with him to London. Take the offer and sail to London. In the throne room you meet Elisabeth. This invites you to attend the accolade of Sir Francis Drake. You will also receive 2,500 pounds of reward for your exploits and another invitation from Sir Francis Drake to visit him at his home.

The ThrockmortonConspiracy

From January to July 1583 you meet Lord Walsingham in London. He tells you about a possible plot, which is Spanish-papist origin. More information could be gained from a Frenchman named Henry Fagot, who has disappeared however since a short time. On your search for Henry you first head to the port of Bayonne. In the local dungeon you come across Louis Pellation and - can it be that - our old friend Jean Grünbursche. Take Louis with you on your journey to La Coruna, where Henry thinks he must go. There you will actually find Monsieur Fagot, who refers his liberation to a dentist based in Bayonne. Arrived in Bayonne, he must also be overwhelmed and shipped with his mirror box to London. There you deliver him to the throne room, ending the penultimate quest.

The Bawington plot

The last quest can only be achieved if you have received a very positive image amongst the Spanish during the course of the game. Otherwise, you will not be approached when leaving the Spanish towns and thus have no opportunity to enter the quest. If your image with the Spaniards, however, is not in the bad, then a messenger comes to your ship, which orders you to the local mayor. In turn, he instructs you to drive to Le Havre to meet a Mr. Morgan in a factory. This one gives you a cassette, which you search on the way back: Behold, there are 10,000 gold doubloons in it no less! In Bayonne, you meet a Mr. Bawington, to whom you hand over the cassette and then carry him to London. On the high seas, you decide to search him, and you will find a letter to Mary Stuart - Elizabeth is to be overthrown. In London, you pass Elisabeth Mr. Bawington and the 10,000 gold doubloons, which have solved the quest perfectly, but at the same time the war against Spain breaks out ... Have fun with the Queen!


Unfortunately, the game is littered of bugs - the Version 1.00 is even not solvable at all. One of the most serious problems is that in the quest "The Conspiracy" in one place a character does not appear, which is indispensable for solving the quest. Furthermore the game does not run quite stable under Windows 95 - in the fight scenes it can crashes easily. Use the DOS version, and save regularly. Caution is also required when saving though: more than four pages of saves are not allowed, otherwise the program crashes.

If it goes wrong ...

If you ever clicked something wrong in a dialogue, did one of your ships sink to the bottom of the sea or did you mistakenly buy the wrong product at an inflated price? Only one thing helps: the ALT-X keyboard shortcut! With a courageous pressure on these keys you end up again in the loading screen of Elisabeth. The good thing is: Elisabeth has a car park, so you always start in the same city (not in the same place) in which your misfortune happened to you.

The pirate in the man

The pirate career in Elisabeth is only worthwhile if you can afford a well-equipped frigate and youare still in the early stages. It's best to take the breaks between the quests to practice this hobby. As a pirate, you can multiply faster and you can never have too much money. Furthermore, the Queen greatly appreciates that you are decimating the hostile fleets, especially the Spanish ones. Until the event that the Queen trusts you the cover letter - around the year 1575 - you naturally have nothing else to do but to obey your desires. The exception is the occurrence of a quest.
However, from the moment you have £ 100,000 on your account for the first time, trading on many ships is more worthwhile than the steady battle on the high seas.

The Privy Council

Once you've been admitted to the Privy Council, you can take £ 20,000 for free from the cash register. This is how: Send all your ships to the shipyard and dismiss all sailors. Then enter the Privy Council, and lo and behold, the Ambassador gives you the handsome sum of £ 20,000 because he thinks all your ships have gone down...

Cheat trick:

First buy two pirate ships that you equip. Now go on a foray. Plunder a foreign ship and transfer the goods (if possible gems) to your ship. Immediately afterwards, you select the goods again with the Enter key. Confirms the number of previous action. Press the Enter key again, whereupon the inventory on the plundered ship is negative. You can do this until your ship is full.
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