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Prisoner of Ice

I've replayed this for the sake of comparsion with Necronomicon, both being based on H.P. lovecraft1s heritage.

The N. is much more nice, but the puzzles... Are for experienced puzzle-solvers (or you can solve them fast by simple trying until succeed).

While PoI has drawback (like almost charicaturistic NPCs), but the gaming-experience is high. I mean except the kattle-puzzle everything can be solved by a regular player who knows something about the adventure games genre. Even the timed tasks are ok and logical.

Giants: citizen kabuto
I found this while I was looking up Gorky17. Stored long time age for lack of requirements.
The graphic is beutiful.
But when I've launched the game the writings were incomprehensible. Tried all kind of settings, then gave up and click "reset default". That strangely worked.
But still no sound. Still loved the graphic.
1st mission objective #X: kill all shrieker, #y: reach the boy fast. Suprise: those buggers respawn. Hey, from ~building! Dang, not just I can pass objects, but some respawn-buiding was placed INSIDE the terrain? How'll I kill the enemy???
Hell with it, run to target. Hey, why I had to run when he is in invulnerable position? And when I reach him "mission accomplished"??? What happened with "kill all bugs"??
Mission 2: "save 4 idiots jumping among piranhas". Wtf? As soon as they reach water are bitten by fishes. Should I ctach them while falling? Wtf, insane difficulty?

Quit gaming
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