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I play this game a lot with my friends. We rotate being DM, but mostly I play as a character. I'm an obscenely smart rogue, usually human, Neutral Evil in actions, but my name varies from character to character. For a while it was Drakis Maine (or Mane) Then it was Rafe Winthrop. Sorry for the life's story, but I LOVE D&D....

EDIT: Oh, and who ever heard of this, "gm" thing? To be nitpicky (Which I am about D&D) it is Dungeon Master, or DM :bleh:

EDIT2: I just realized I had to say more. Well, buying all three books (Dungeon Master's Guide, Player's Handbook, Monster Manual) may seem a waste of money, but in fact these three books are all you will ever need to make a good campaign. Plus, its virtually impossible to play without the first two.
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