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i used to play it a lot. my fave charector was a halfling warrior who had called shot to the legs. used to be able to delegetate orcses in one hit.
its all down to your gm really. a good gm will bend the rules if no rule exists for what you want to be able to do. my halfling warrior got killed tho, damn orc lord, dice went against me and we had no cleric.
after that i went through a slew of playing clerics becuse evry time we got in a fight the entire party would surround me, indeed if i was out on my own there would be crys of "save the cleric" becuse without me they would get deaded. that and we had a gm who was excellent, and a total mathmatician, but towards the end of adventures he would put us in battles where mathmatically there was total odds that there would be in party casualties. meant we tended to have a variety of levels in the party as with him when you were dead, you were dead, new charector time.
great days.
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