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Just read this from Wardell, the Stardock CEO and main developer, in an interview:

In the final version the diplomacy tree allows you to make alliances with minor third-party races - not the little minor cities but minor tribes - and actually train their special units. You can literally train up Ogres, Darklings and more."

...and this:

The diplomacy just got in. I write the AI for the game and the diplomacy was the part that I just really started getting into because I had to wait for a bunch of stuff. In the latest version you can gang up on players, trade items, trade champions back and forth, there's a lot more arranged marriages than what's in the version you're playing, etc. One of the things that's a lot more fun now is that they'll talk to you and say "let's gang up on so-and-so" or they'll gang up on you, or they'll message you and say we have to look out for "such-and-such" - and all of that is such a big part of the game experience.

I'm a big fan of AI-based diplomacy when it's truly good. If this works as planned, it should be excellent.
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