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Default Threads displaying problem?

I wonder what's going wrong here. Being on the main page of the forum I seem to be able to see some threads in some sub-forums, but when I go to these subforums some or one of the newest thread(s) in some of them are not shown so I can't seem them. The only way to access them is a direct jump to the last post of one of those threads from the main forum page.
Examples being the screenshots below from a thread in 3x Blah and the thread to yesterday's added game Uninvited. I noticed that strange happening only yesterday though it's possible that it's been happening already earlier, too.
Before the question(s) arise(s), I have cookies activated with exception to allow them for Abandonia, and I'm using Firefox 3.5.8. Pressing CTRL+F5 to completely reload the site doesn't help either.

Edit: thanks to Paco and Horseman the problem has been solved, clearing the cache did the thing

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