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Originally Posted by Lulu_Jane View Post
I know this is off topic, but I would just like to state for the record that Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem was the worst film I've ever paid money to see. If we are anything like the humans in the movie, the aliens should nuke us.
Well sequels are usually worse than the original movie, a sequel to Alien vs. Predator certainly not being able to be any better than the original movie which already wasn't the strongest. The only, and best exeption I know is Terminator 2 which in my opinion even surpassed the original Terminator (which on it's own was excellent).

Originally Posted by Tito View Post
I don't think there is a "goal" for any civilization, just individuals that try to be happy. And that search for happiness is what makes them act in a particular way, join in groups and try to achieve common objetives.

And about stagnation, I think this is the time of history with fastest developement in every subject. Maybe you aren't feeling it in your day to day life, but just take a look at how things are changing in countries such as China or India. Or how many technological advances have been in the last years.

About that film Lulu, well, I hope you didn't expect too much of that kind of sequel for that kind of film...
Oh, nobody said there are no technological breakthroughs, they are numerous and fast paced indeed. It's not that kind of "breakthroughs" I meant.
Take the music from 70's / 80's for example and compare it to music from today. Also compare the modern Star Wars Episode 1-3 (Episode 3 was actually not that bad) to the classic Episode 4-6 and see if there's any difference. It's not that there's no good music or movies anymore, they're just getting more rare, and that's usually a sign of cultural stagnation approaching.
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