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<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Dark Piedone @ Feb 10 2007, 08:45 PM) [snapback]278750[/snapback]</div>
A daltonist sees a red object green, which is the TRUE color of the object ? the red color we see or the daltonists green color ? I think Kant wrote something about these things that the world is made with our perception no one can see or feel the true world beyond our perception... and he called those pure things unperceptible... um, I forgot...[/b]
Actually, that's interesting. Imagine you can't see anymore, you can't hear anymore, can't taste or smell anymore so there's nothing anymore your senses could tell you is existing there. What would be real then if there's nothing anymore for you? Imagined things which would become real for you?
The question is - is this world we see and smell and hear real, or is that our working senses that created it?
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