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yeah i think its different fom common courtesy, too

i think you earn respect if you are good in sth
it has sth to do with honor and that this person is admitted
for being good at sth or couraged or whatever

as i said its a latin word and i think they might used it in connection with reign.

i lost my latin book somewhere but i think its from "recipere"

the romans where not only respected because of their militairy
they were respected by building roads and sanitary buildings, too.

so the natural word has sth to do with good and bad reign :crazy:

anyhow you should earn respect for not being useless

but even the worst can be used as a bad example LOL

"earning" respect depends on the people who could give it to you

whereas wanting respect depends to you
(who wants respect of idiots ???)

quite a complex topic :blink:

thats all I know now :angel:

Bye :bye: Bye

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