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Originally Posted by yoga View Post

Hi, mates,

3 months ago a female friend presented me
with a Canon camera. Wonderful.
I used it for a while without a problem.

Then started a business to sell my books in OXL.
And suddenly - crash ..
My Toshiba laptop and my other desk-top computer
stopped recognizing the camera!

I replaced the cables connecting the camera and the computer.
No result.

I want to present pictures of the books (site requirement)
on the site but ...
The camera is charged and makes great pictures ..

Canon Digital IXUS 9515
Toshiba Satellite PC

My books filled the house.
Especially Russian books.


Crying yoga

Dear yoga...

I am not an Expert, but wouldn’t the problem be your Notebook USB Port?

If it were on Windows 10, there are better compatibility, stability and reliability than on Windows 7... *shrug*

I have several “Solutions” (complicated , it is true ) to circumvent this inconvenient problem if you cannot solve it:

• Insert the Camera SD Memory Card directly into the Desktop or Notebook;
• If your Desktop or Notebook does not have SD Memory Card Reader, you could buy a Portable SD Memory Card Reader (Kingston is really excellent! );
• Insert Photo Camera SD Memory Card into the Smartphone and share it to yourself via Email. This will allow you to download Image Files from Webmail to your PC ;
• Insert Photo Camera SD Memory Card into Smartphone and share via WhatsApp to a trusted friend or to yourself if you have another Mobile Phone Number. Install WhatsApp Web on PC. This will allow you to download Image Files from WhatsApp Web to your PC .

Sorry, but I cannot help you more than this... I lack knowledge on this matter...

Good luck!
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