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I will compare the games between the prequel Master of Orion and his sequel Master of Orion II.

The MOO has its characters in more cartoon style and more cute while the MOOII has the more digitized style. An example would be the nice robot from GNN. In MOO, the robot has a very cute appearance; Already in MOOII, it has a more cool and distant appearance.

I do not remember if MOO has its champions or heroes. Already in MOOII, you need to select and reject if necessary, the best heroes or those that best fit your needs.

Not to mention that MOOII background musics are great. Composer Laura really did a great job. I really enjoyed the BGM of the Galactic Map (except 1) and the Space Battle BGM.

In MOOII you have the fearsome and bellicose Antarians. If you have a technology that allows you to invade and conquer enemy ships, it would be very interesting to use it to invade Antarians ships (if you do not use cheat codes) to obtain technologies available to the Orions and Antarians. But be careful, for Antarians can self-destruct their ships if they are captured.

I conquered several Antarians ships including invading the planet Antares. I conquered the Space Base and all the Antarians ships, but I could not get them into my galaxy. If you retire, the Antarians ships and base will remain in the space of Antares.

One thing that confused me is that if the Galactic Council appoints you as “Master of Orion” and you refuse the title, everyone declares war on you!

One sadistic thing I used to do to my opponents was to edit their Home Worlds: tiny-sized Planet; Planet of toxic radiation environment; Planet of mineral resources very poor; Only 01 Planet in the Solar System while the others are Asteroids.


I forgot to mention that I have two OST versions of the MOO2 game, one that I got on the site and the other through

I also forgot to mention the Stellar Converter. I avoided using this powerful weapon so as not to destroy the planets. I pretty much forgot (or cannot remember) the technologies, but I had the technology of total invisibility.
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