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Question [superspanna] Felix

I've been trying to find an old MS-DOS puzzle game for a while now and it's bugging me no end... perhaps some of you will be able to help!
I was almost convinced the game was called "Felix" but I can't seem to find any information on it (I only get Felix the cat games through web searches!)
The game was a puzzle game, in which you had to navigate a little round man(?), who I believe was green with a little bit of hair, from an entrance door to an exit. Along the way he passes through what looks like yellow grass and as he does so he leaves an empty trail. The "grass" does not grow back so anything that was previously supported by said grass will fall down a square.
I remember there being lots of boulders amongst this grass that would fall on you or trap you should you choose a bad route through.
There were also little alien/pixie things that would come at you once you released them - I think they may have hatched from eggs that you had to try not to disturb?
There were maybe about 12 levels and at the end of each level you got given a code that you could input at the start menu to skip to desired completed level.
Sorry for the sketchy description... my minds a little hazy on the details... but does anyone remember this game?

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