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A friend had an Apple IIe back in the day, and we went to Toys R Us to get a new game. We found one that looked interesting and took it to his house to try. I'm pretty sure it came out before 1987, and the Apple IIe came out in 1983, so that narrows it a LITTLE bit.

It started with two cyborgs/robots marching toward the center of a battlefield through a top down view. It was also supposed to be very graphic in its violent content. I think it had the opponents as orange and green (though that was pretty much the only colors on the monitors then).

We never made it any further because it wouldn't do anything else. We drove back to Toys R Us, and he explained the problem and got a full refund (ahhh, the good ol' days). They didn't have any other copies of the game, and we never saw it again.

It may have been made by SSI, but I can't be sure.

If anyone has any memories of that one, please let me know.

Added: I'm pretty sure the opponents were carrying swords.

Ahhhh NUTS! I just found the game.

It was (is) called The Bilestoad.

For more info on it, you can look at

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