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Originally Posted by twillight View Post
Let them die?
I meant when they are all under the same banner against the player. As such, letting them die generally requires the player's assistance.

I did notice something about the three rivals though. Harold (yellow) almost never uses his captains, and most of the time his settlements invent pots and ploughs etc. Jos (red) and Jeyne (blue) are aggressive and deploy their captains. I believe Jeyne is the more intelligent one.

Some maps start your men out with bows. You can wipe out enemy armies pretty easily with bows, but if you have no melee soldiers, it is almost impossible to capture settlements without opting to just kill everyone. I haven't figured out a way for soldiers to drop equipment so they can switch out of terminator mode.

I haven't yet found anything on youtube that knows what they're talking about. Some of the videos have blatantly wrong information.
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