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Originally Posted by Mystvan View Post

I realize that Exercising Physically using the Elliptical Trainer tires muscles more than the Exercise Treadmill! Why? I do not know, but I have some assumptions :


• Using the Elliptical Trainer and / or Stationary Bicycle needs your muscles to move the pedals. The “Motor” of the Elliptical and / or Stationary Bicycle are the Human Muscles. In other words, the Speed of Motion of the Aerobic Exercise Equipments (Elliptical Trainer and / or Stationary Bicycle) are determined by the effort from the Human Muscles ;
• On the other hand, although you perspire more when using the Exercise Treadmill, there is the Electric Motor that drives the Exercise Treadmill. You just keep up with the Speed provided by the Motor of the Exercise Treadmill.
The use of Exercise Treadmill can cause a breathless for beginners, but on the other hand, the use of the Elliptical Trainer can cause muscle fatigue although there is less sweat and no breathless.

Caution, patience and planning are needed. Fortunately, I have overcome these initial difficulties.
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