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Yeah no problem.

I think part of the difficulty is it was made before we really had more clearly defined genres and requisite characteristics for them, so it doesn't fit as cleanly in or out of a given category. Star Control 2 simply had so many unique plot elements and ways you could go about your character and party (building up your ship, getting allied ships to join you for different "characters" to use in combat, etc.) that it's fine to call it an RPG. It really transcends a variety of defined genres -- I think people who like different genres would all enjoy Star Control 2.

Whereas for Space Rogue, it's a relatively simpler game, not as all-encompassing as what we typically think of for RPGs. I typically classify Space Rogue as an Adventure game, sort of like Avalon, where yes even though it has some RPG elements, the variety of plots and subplots, the different directions in which you can approach your character, and the expansiveness of the universe really isn't as great as what you'd think of for an RPG. Yeah in some ways Space Rogue belongs in the same category as Elite and Wing Commander and those games; games like Elite can arguably be considered more RPG-like than Space Rogue in that you have more ways to customize your "character" (i.e. you can pilot different types of ships). Elite has always seemed to me more like an open-world type of game though rather than one that focuses (gradually) on a central plot.
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