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Default [RRS] Exile series

I don't remember a whole lot about this game specifically. It was a top down fantasy RPG with magic and fighting. The setting was similar to Dragon Warrior, but the movement was roguelike. And the combat was turnbased. I only remember a few of the enemies: Brigands, Hydras (that killed me SO often) and slimes (go figure) There were multiple members of your party, each with a class and abilities or spells and attributes that could be changed as they leveled up, but i believe only in a certain building in some towns.

The game itself came as part of a 50 or 100 games collection CD. The only other game I remember on that CD was Jazz Jackrabbit II. And I know i had both the first and third volumes of the game, but i don't remember which came on that CD. I think it was around 1997 or 1998 that i played it but i was only 8 or so. I think it game out close to 1993. And it was a windows computer anything else :/ Sorry

The graphics were colorful, but with no real animation. Images would turn from one to the next with no frames between- A closed chest to an open one, a monster to a pile of bones ect.

Please help, O Magical Game Wizards!
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