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Default The Darkest Night

Moby Games:
The Darkest Night is a graphical adventure game with a horror theme, set in the land of 'Tilorm'. The protagonist is a young old antropomorhic fox called 'Rolan', who is lost in a forest after an evening of heavy drinking with his friends, celebrating Hallows Eve.
Abandonia forums:
Originally Posted by Shadow_Stalker View Post
Great news! Kintz found borderworld too and sent it to me,plus an unreleased game.The full list is:

Dismal Passages
Shape Shifter
Dark Convergence I
Dark Convergence II
Dismal Passages (remake)
The Darkest Night
Savage Future
Vor Terra
Days of the Rabbit
Blood Feast of Vampyr
Zombie Exterminator
Gateway of Evil
Project Indra
the cursed land (unreleased)
robot anarchy
Originally Posted by TotalAnarchy View Post
I have never seen so many obscure titles in one place. Anyways, they're all [APPROVED]

I have done some searches, probably pointless, since google gives max three results per title, and those are either some lists or some random mentions of the game. Plus you probably asked permission from the author.
Originally Posted by Shadow_Stalker View Post
Of course i asked permission.These titles however where already free on the author's page (linked in the dark convergence post.The link now is dead,but you can see it with
It would appear that this game was "approved" but never uploaded. I have no more information on this game than what is given in the above links and on this website.
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